Is a Coyote a Danger to Pets or Farm Animals?

Coyote which is sometimes referred to as American jackal is known mainly as a carnivorous animal which is extremely dangerous to farm animals and Pets. This is because of numerous reasons such as:

Wild Attack on Farm Animals and Pets:

Some animals such as goat, sheep, dog, chicken and many more which are commonly found in our environment are often times attacked by coyotes which are present in a particular environment. This is done by a bite on the neck of its prey before killing it.

Spread of Deadly Diseases:

A lot of times wild animals carries many deadly diseases which are gotten through several ways of which coyotes are not exempted. Examples of disease carried by coyotes are rabies, tularemia, canine distemper and many more, while some might show early symptoms and signs, others show it lately, therefore, it is very paramount to keep our animals safe and vaccinated against several diseases they are prone to. For instance, when there are wounds on the bodies of farm animals, immediate attention should be given rather than waiting for symptoms to manifest.

Several things could be done to prevent these dangers which includes:

  • Keeping our farm animals and pets in a visible place with constant watch over them
  • In addition proper fencing could also be put in place to prevent this
  • Notifying relevant authorities when it is perceived that a stubborn coyote lurks around
  • Peradventure any farm animals is bitten, medical practitioners should be contacted for treatment of the animals
  • Making your environment clean from food remains which lurk bird feeders and rodents which in turns lurks the coyote
  • Getting of vaccines where necessary

In conclusion, pet and farm animals are potential prey to the dangerous coyote and should be avoided by all means.
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